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Arizonans can be optimistic about the future

Arizona is known for its rugged independence and free spirit. It’s the state my grandfather launched his business in, where I was born and the one I love most. That is why I want to see our state prosper and continue to lead in growth, economic development and innovation.

My father, the late Sen. John McCain, always believed in doing the right thing. Even if Republicans didn’t approve, he was willing to buck the party line to make tough choices he thought were in the best interest of Arizonans.

That’s why he proudly carried the nickname “maverick,” because it was a symbol of his commitment to put our country before the party.Too often today, we see our politicians retreating into their partisan camps when they need to be coming together to get things done for the people.

Earlier this month, I witnessed the inauguration of our new governor, Katie Hobbs. During her address, one thing stuck out to me the most: the potential for bipartisanship on the stage. It’s no mystery that we are going into 2023 with a divided government, but instead of wallowing in despair, I see it as a great opportunity to find common ground and create solutions that will make our state even stronger.

Arizona is my home. I want nothing more than to see our state thrive for generations to come and for every Arizonan, including my son, to have the opportunity to achieve their dreams and live a better, more prosperous life.

That’s why we need leaders who are laser-focused on good policy and the most important issues to Arizona. As a member of the business community, serving on the board of my family’s distribution company, working for a major airline, and participating in Arizona’s non-profit organizations, I know that the private sector is more interested in solutions, not politics.

With Republicans and Democrats working together, we can take Arizona to greater economic heights.

While Arizona is enjoying some its greatest prosperity to date, it’s no guarantee that it will continue into the future — that’s why we need leaders who are willing to step up now and get the job done. There are great challenges on the horizon for our state: water security, immigration and border security, housing, energy and climate, strengthening our workforce, and creating an education system that works for everyone.

Arizonans spoke at the ballot box in November. The time for moving our state forward is now. We cannot afford to dwell on the past or take a step back, the consequences are too great.

We must put in the work, and it’s not going to be easy, but who ever said that Arizona takes the easy way? Oftentimes, the right thing is never the easy thing — my father knew that full well. I’m confident that our new leaders are ready to roll up their sleeves for a state they, like me, deeply care about.

Jack McCain is a member of the Arizona business community and a helicopter pilot in the US Navy Reserves.


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