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Changes are needed to amend two party system

The problem is the laws and structures that are in place now just perpetuate this system. If we want to end this cycle we need to make changes. We can change election laws that require up to six times more signatures for an independent candidate to get on the ballot than are required by a candidate from a political party.

We can move to a truly open primary, where all voters, regardless of political party, can choose candidates who best represent them.

We can move to a system of Rank Choice Voting which would provide the electorate something beyond the choice of "lesser of two evils" and would end problems of vote splitting and spoiler candidates.

It would encourage candidates to act more civilly because it would be in their self interest not to offend those who voted for their opponents in order to be the second choice for those voters. Organizations such as Voter Choice Arizona, and others are working to make changes like these a reality. Someday, we might not dread election season so much. We might even have more candidates willing to put country before party.


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