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Arizona primaries put party over people

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Let’s start with the idea that Arizona elections are open – they are not. A partisan election system that creates barriers to participation and treats certain voters and candidates differently – particularly independents or those who choose not to affiliate with a party is surely not a system that works for every Arizonan. Arizona’s current partisan primary 

provides taxpayer funds to private political party activities and excludes registered unaffiliated candidates from participating in the primary election. Until our system encourages broader voter turnout and equal treatment of candidates, it will continue to support tiny minorities of voters deciding the outcome of elections. 

Why do we need reform?

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The current system is not working

At almost every level of government, progress and civility has been thwarted by partisan actors who work for political parties instead of the people. It’s time to end the divisiveness.

Arizona has a tradition of open elections: Cities and towns across Arizona successfully use non-partisan elections. They have a great deal of success in solving problems and have much higher approval ratings than Congress or the legislature.

Arizona has a tradition of open elections

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We need an even playing field

All candidates (including Independents) have a right to be treated equally regardless of whether they affiliate with a party or not. Any qualified voter & candidate should have the right to participate in all elections.

How do we save our democracy?

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Treat All voters equally

Fairness should be a crucial aspect of our election system. Any qualified voter should have the right to participate in all elections. Our elections should work for all Arizonans, not just those registered to a party.

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Create an even playing field

Let's level the playing field for all candidates including independent and third-party candidates who are currently excluded from primary elections and face high signature requirements and massive barriers to participation.

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Increase competition and fairness 

We should encourage candidates to talk to a broader coalition of voters with a focus on the issues –not just a small portion of their own party. Let's increase competition and make elections fairer and more reflective of the people of Arizona.

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Arizona's tradition of open elections

This open primary election is not really new–it’s similar to what most Arizona cities already use to elect Mayors and City Councils. It has worked well to elect local leaders focused on finding solutions and making our local governments work effectively.

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Explore solutions

Let's drive the discussion and educate Arizonans on how our current system works. As other states implement reforms to address the problem of primary elections that don’t reflect the broader public interest.

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Be part of the discussion 

Let's make our government more efficient, fairer, less divisive, and more responsive to the needs of ALL Arizona voters. Join the conversation to provide information to voters about how Arizona’s voting system currently operates and study alternative nonpartisan primary structures.  

Making Arizona’s electoral system competitive

Every person qualified to vote, regardless of party or lack of party, has the right to vote in any election for any candidate.

Same signature requirements for all candidates.

All candidates compete in an open election.

No taxpayer funds for political parties.

Party affiliation may or may not be listed on the ballot as determined by the body that governs that election.

Head to our campaign website

to learn more about our initiative and proposed changes to our system!

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