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Arizona Voters Reveal/Rank Issues of Importance When it Comes to Candidate Choice

A poll of Arizona voters is first step in designing state's only nonpartisan candidate debates

Phoenix, AZ - Feb. 24, 2022The Citizens Clean Elections Commission (CCEC) aims to provide Arizona voters with unbiased election information and to help connect voters to candidates. As a means of planning for the 2022 election season candidate debates, CCEC sponsored and has published findings from a voter poll. More than 800 registered voters, representative of Arizona's electorate, were asked to rank topics of most importance when making a choice on a candidate. Data from the poll will be referenced when developing debate discussion guides. For more than two decades, CCEC has produced the only nonpartisan candidate debates for statewide offices which are viewed by millions of Arizonans online and on television.

"While candidates do their own polling of Arizona voters, we believe it is our responsibility to have our own primary data to inform our legislative and statewide office debates," said CCEC Voter Education Director, Gina Roberts. "It is early in the year, but the data is already useful in our planning process and helpful to voter education. As one example, based on some of the responses, there may be a misunderstanding of what local state offices versus federal offices have jurisdiction over."

“Keeping a direct pulse on what major topics and related issues are trending among voters in Arizona is important", said CCEC Chairman, Damien Meyer. "As the nonpartisan, nonpolitical election information provider in the state, we will use the data objectively and aim to facilitate and provide information responsive to questions and issues raised by Arizona voters." The poll of Arizona voters sponsored by CCEC is available to be downloaded as a PDF. The full report can be viewed on the CCEC website, an overview of how the data is organized follows:

  • Provide logistical voting information: how to register to vote, voting locations, how to vote by mail, what identification is needed, etc.

  • Groups Arizona voter responses by political party.

  • Provides a respective demographic profile of anticipated voters in the primary election and general elections.

  • Ranks topic and issue subsets by area across Arizona.

  • Breaks down voter responses by key regions in Maricopa County.

  • Reveals differentiations in issue priorities when voters are asked to choose between "want to know" versus "need to know".

The Citizens Clean Elections Commission was established by Arizona voters to restore citizen participation and confidence in Arizona’s political system, to improve the integrity of State government and to promote freedom of speech under the U.S. and Arizona Constitutions. Visit to learn more.


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