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Let Every Veteran Vote

Veterans are more likely to be politically independent than the general population.

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In America today, 40% of legislators run unopposed in the general election. Unopposed! Primaries

are often the only elections that matter. But not everyone is allowed to participate. Many states bar independents from voting in primary elections. That includes growing numbers of military veterans who fought to protect our country but are disenfranchised.

"Veterans tend to share a strong belief in the common good-in country over party. They enlist not to serve a Republican America or a Democratic America, but a United States of America."

Nearly half (49%) of all U.S. veterans and 44.5% of recent war veterans do not identify with a major party. — PEW Research Center

Veteran Alicia Barnes: Public Hearing Committee

"Veterans are more affected by closed primaries than nearly any other group"


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